Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rapel Rapel

I do not usually check personal experiences in my blog, but rather discuss issues of various kinds. However, I believe that this time , not by what I read , but for me, as I need to do a review of what happened in the last two weeks.

Some , most , know as DCU , since DATE , we considered performing volunteer work in the community of Monte Patria , in Region IV . I must say that at first the idea , personally , I was not particularly interesting . He had eleven months in class and had to take three tests totaling 90 % in two days as I was studying in my summer semester U. However, I started working on the preparation of TTVV by a political commitment that had assumed the DATE campaign.

I left happy to Monte Patria , partly because a great friend as Beto was going with me, and because there was some problem that wanted to make Santiago. From then on everything that came was an absolute uncertainty. The hits that touched us as we played we make . We train some secretaries of the Municipality , to help them in their work , but most get create for each blog , which allowed us to bring them closer to the world and take them as far as possible , the maelstrom of what it means to work in office and raising a child , at least in the case of my star pupil , Cynthia.

Personally, my stay in the town of Rapel Monte Patria , was completed knowing Chabe . The short story is that it is a lady who gave us a lot of help , offered their pool and will create a blog. The full story is that we met a wonderful woman who is know offered help as he could, he showed us his life and as no one could before , managed that I attend Mass twice in one day , being a non-believer . The truth is that if something let me Chabe is double of faith in the human being, it is still possible that there are people like her, and as his inseparable Lupe , Pelayo, Inti , Quillen and Oscar .

I missed my home, my family .. everything, but I have to say goodbye to the Cynthia and Chabe has been the hardest thing I've done in the last while . I think two weeks of our time are not enough to thank you personally and hope to complete my task very soon , hopefully returning to Monte Patria .

I also got to know several extremely valuable people . I got to see the work done for months Pia tremendous decicación prepared in colors; but above all , he touched me know a couple of fags patients who changed my life in the past two weeks. A Cock and Precht Nacho already knew .. but knowing Tom Sawyer, Mario Hugo and Sin Bandera was the fact that it allows to make a tremendously positive balance of this trip.

The Chabe , Cynthia , the Pingüix , Paty , Juanita , Pelayo, Sandra , Lupe ... surely we will know before a dick cock then co -coo sick ! .